Mine for goblin ore

The House Of Goblins is not just a hand drawn randomly generated collection of NFTs, it's a blockchain game with many dimensions. A game where Goblins can mine Goblin Ore ($GORE).

It starts with owning a Goblin.

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The Story

Long ago, Goblins roamed the mountains, a constant threat to everyone that stepped foot in their territory. Though small in stature, this temperamental race had strength in numbers and a pettiness that knew no equal. So petty in fact that skirmishes among their own ranks would break out for something as little as not holding the door open for the Goblin behind you.

The only thing that the Goblin race could agree on was their unhealthy obsession withgore img symbol$GORE. A luminous green mineral of great strength and beauty,gore img symbol$GORE was used for everything from building materials to seasoning grilled rats(though no outsider has ever tasted it, it is rumored to taste like moldy cheese rolled in sewer water).

There are stories of some brave souls who have entered the Goblin domain to attempt to barter with them for this mysterious rock, but those who survived the encounters were usually left as muttering fools with a distinct lack of fingers. To the outsider, the Goblin world would forever be out of reach.

The Goblins didn’t like to share and that included the mountains they called home. Unfortunately for them the contents of those mountains were coveted by other species as well and the Goblin kingdom found itself under assault from the rival nations of the Dwarves and Vermin. The war became known as the Shortstack War and was the bloodiest conflict in history for any race under four feet tall. Though the war was never decisively won by any side, the Goblins lost ground and receded further under the mountains.

For centuries they lived underground, isolated, never seeing daylight, until one day after a fourth of July fireworks tragedy created a hole deep enough to penetrate the network of caves under the surface. At first, the Goblins emerged cautiously before gaining the boldness to venture out from the caverns and into the corners of human society. They observed humans from a distance, studying the peculiar behaviours they witnessed.

Upon discovering the local landfills they believed they had discovered a Human treasure trove to rival their owngore img symbol$GORE reserves. Before long, they began to mimic what they saw and use what they found, often bringing these new behaviours back to Goblin society. They developed a taste for 80’s action movies and romantic ballads, among other things. Life underground would be forever changed but one thing never did, their love of that beloved green rock,gore img symbol$GORE.

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gore img symbolWhat is the total supply?

The total supply was to be 12,000 collectible NFTs capable of mining Goblin Ore ($GORE ERC-20 token). Many were sacrificed, currently there are approximately 5600 Goblins.

gore img symbolWhat Blockchain? Polygon (Alchemy)

Add this private Polygon RPC to your wallet

Network name: Polygon Mainnet (Alchemy)
Network URL: https://polygon-mainnet.g.alchemy.com/v2/WvAmvD-zUw-jwTNT7P4QVaJS4aFIAeE1
Chain ID: 137
Currency symbol: MATIC
Block explorer URL: https://polygonscan.com

NOTE: If you choose not to use the above Polygon network the game will not function properly. Using polygon.rpc.com will not provide a very good experience, its too congested.

gore img symbolHow do I get $GORE?

Your Goblin can mine $GORE for when you put it to work in the Mine.

gore img symbolWhat can I do with my Goblin?

Sacrificing [COMPLETE]gore img symbolGoblin Sacrificing was avaialble in the iniital mints and equated to thousands of Goblins being burned alive. Sacrificing may return in the future as we see other creatures enter the House of Goblins.
Mining    gore img symbol Stake your Goblin in the Mines mining $GORE.
Foods and Toolsgore img symbol Your Goblin will need to be well fed and could do with a tool to help increase mining effectiveness. Buy Food and Tools in the Bazaar. Once purchased you can apply them to your Goblins at the bttom of the Bazzar page, in your inventory.
Go to war.  gore img symbol See white paper and roadmap.


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This is our beckoning period, where Goblins congregate at the entrance to the Goblin Mines (Discord), join early and learn more about how Goblins will rule this place.

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Level up and get access to Horde 1/presale.gore img symbol$GORE is also available to scavenge in Discord, pick up as much as you can. Your activity in chat and invites will decide which Horde you will join resulting with your access to the Goblin Mines.

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As part of the Goblin conjuring process, you can also choose to sacrifice your Goblin, at which point your goblin will be removed from your wallet and you will receive a new Goblin.

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Once conjuring of Goblins has concluded and mining has been fully rolled out, the next phase of development is around the consumption of energy and use of tools. Depending on what food/tool you apply to your Goblin, your mining effectiveness will improve. Basically your Goblin will stay healthy and mine moregore img symbol$GORE each day, but you will need to feed your Goblin or they will require rest. Your tool will need replacing as it wears so you may find yourself purchasing food and tools regularly.

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This phase of development will involve summoning of new Creatures (the creation of new NFTs), that have new traits and properties. Once you have acquired enoughgore img symbol$GORE, you can have your Goblin summon new creatures, but you will have to decide if you prefer to use yourgore img symbol$GORE for other things, choices now have to be made.

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There is trouble brewing and it’s time to prepare for the oncoming war. Conjure your weapons, the weapons will come in different sizes and types which are best suited for specific Goblins and creatures.

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Goblin factions will form and come together on the battlefield to fight for their right to mine more Goblin ORE in the mines. This is where your choice of weapons and the allocation of those weapons will become critical. Winners will reap the rewards from the war and see an increase in efficiency in mining, losers will see a decrease.

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Conflict between the Goblin hordes will be forced into an uneasy truce when the natural enemies of Goblins begin their siege on Goblin territory. The Goblins will need to unite to defend their lands from the other Subterranean races.


Founding Team

Goblin Pat avatar


This is not The Goblin you are looking for, move along.

Goblin Jeff avatar


The goblin glue making things stick with the stickiest of the icky.

Goblin Erik avatar


Goblin strategist, working hard for all Goblins.

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Keeping the Goblin love alive.